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Here you'll get to know more about me: Teacher Laila. So, here we go!

Laila Chris is my real name. English isn't my mother tongue, but that's the language in which I communicate the best. I am a blogger, a language teacher, a poet, a youtuber, a translator, an interpreter, a stationery junkie, a married woman, and have four cats. I teach English, Português, und Deutsch. Brazil is the country where I live and in here people speak Portuguese. I also speak Spanish, some French, Mandarin, and Japanese. I am a visual arts freak, although I'm very fond of music. I played the piano for 6 years and I've been taking up drum lessons.

I lived in Florida for 5 years and my stay there was part of an exchange student program. I went to the US to achieve another college degree. I studied Liberal Arts in Saint Petersburg, FL, graduating in 2002. Years later, I studied ESL in Dublin, 2009. I had also taken another college major in Brazil before moving to Uncle Sam's land, a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with minor in Journalism, from UEL in 1998.

Due to four and a half years of therapy, I returned to college in 2012 and 13 to major in psychology. It is not concluded. An interesting fact of my life is that my present occupation is not actually based on writing or arts per se. Not only do I teach EFL at regular schools in "normal", but I also teach online through youtube video classes. There are no classrooms. Just me and my colorful and childlike flashcards. My husband, Roberto, fights judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, manages this website, and teaches English as well. We've adopted 4 cats and I have 5 tattoos. I'm 39 and still alive.

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